Journal of International Relations Research

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The Journal of International Relations Research (JIRR) is an open access, fully peer-reviewed online journal. JIRR is dedicated to contributor lead content rather than editorial dominated parameters. We are methodologically agnostic, intentionally critical and subject-topic promiscuous. This is considered and deliberate, JIRR sets out to invite and publish diverse contributions from the world’s IR community.


JIRR welcomes content on any discipline that contributes towards the further pursuit of debates and discussions concerning international relations. JIRR explicitly supports contributions that run counter to conventional approaches in International Relations and welcomes challenging and provocative ideas.


The journal is dedicated to encouraging submissions from contributors outside traditional academia and explicitly incites submissions from all individuals and groups with a valuable and insightful perspective to share. JIRR is overtly international in approach and makeup and endeavours to solicit an international audience, theme and character.

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